This is excellent news for all the animal. Victims of experiments for our cosmetics. Who from now on will no longer have. To go through this cruel practice. If since the sale of cosmetics tested on. Animals was prohibited in the union. The law did not apply to beauty products imported from countries where. This type of experiments continue to be practiced. For this reason, the animal defense association, peta, carried out a study at the beginning. Of the year that shows that cosmetics brands. Or brands whose products were sold in , continued. To resort to these practices. The association raised the number of animals used for. These experiments to each year. Cruel experiments that. Even burned the skin or eyes of these small animals.

The peta study showed that 

Evaded the law and continued importing their products. Thanks to the ruling of the court of justice of the. European union of which Singapore Mobile Number Database prohibits access to . Soil for any product tested on animals, a great step has been taken in this fight. Thus, the text mentions that union law does. Not establish any distinction as to the place in which such experiments have taken place.” women more modern techniques on the other hand .The institution’s decision attempts to . Promote the use of alternative methods” to animal experiments. Nowadays, there are several techniques to test products. Without having to resort to living beings. For example. The development of artificial skin is already a little advanced.

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This is the objective of the laboratory. Based in . In an article dating from the. Beginning of the year. Le monde also predicted a Qatar Phone Number List good future for the . Bioprinting industry, that is. Laser printing of living cells, an expensive and complicated technique. But one that is in progress. In other words, brands can avoid resorting to. New chemical products that require experimentation and. Thus favor natural products, which in the end. Are possibly better for the consumer. A study carried out by the institute in showed that the mention “not tested on animals. Was the number 1 sales argument for users. So, everyone is happy. The union. Israel and are the four . Territories that prohibit anima. L experimentation on their territory. Let’s hope the list continues to grow.