An indian doctor leads a unique mission The inspiring to save the. Women of his country: he decidto stop. Charging mothers who go to give birth. At his clinic if they have a girl. Ganesh calls it his “grain of sand. To improve the situation of girls in a. Country where there is a traditional preference for boys and where the ease of knowing the. Sex of the fetus has result in a skew gender ratio. In 1961, there were girls for every 1,000 boys under seven years of age. According to figures from the. Last census publish in. That number was ruc to . Who open a small clinic in the. Western city of in state in says that . Whenever a pregnant woman came to. Give birth, all her relatives would accompany her. In the hope that the baby would be child.

The biggest challenge for a doctor

Is telling relatives that a patient has di. For me, it was equally difficult. To tell families that they had had a daughter she says. families celebrate Tunisia Mobile Number Database and distribute sweets if a boy is born. But if a girl is born, they leave the hospital, the mother cries. And asks for a discount. They feel very . Many couples told me that they had follow. Treatments to ensure the birth of a boy. I was surpris since I was not aware of any treatment of that type. “They talk about consulting a monk or putting certain micines in the mother’s nostrils to ensure that. She gives birth to a child,” she says. world free work .The 2011 census figures were a revelation for. Who adores his nine-year-old daughter, his only child.

The results made him realize

How sad the situation was. Advocates for girls fearthat millions of. Girls had been abort and compar female feticide to genocide. The then Latvia Phone Number List prime minister describ it as a . National shame” and call for a crusade” to save .India’s girls. On began her own “Crusade” by launching the. Abhiyan campaign , which in translates to “Campaign to save the girl child. I decid that I was not going to charge any fee if a girl was born. Furthermore, just as the birth. Of boys was celebratwe decid that [in the hospital] We would celebrate the birth of girls he says. In these four years, since she launch her. Campaign have been born in her. Establishment and she. Has not charg parents anything in any case. The day I visit the clinic was celebrating. The birth of and first baby a girl.