For the process itself monitoring the results and discussing how to improve them. The centralized innovation management model When to use this model. This model is typically applied by companies with fewer than employees that, To some extent, Have a hierarchical organization. The decision-making process therefore is very common and usually works quite well As long as you can accommodate all the people involved in the same meeting room and ensure that. To exceeds that number, There are usually too many ideas or they are too varied to discuss in a single meeting with a handful. Of people who only represent a part of all the experts required.

This model is also used in specific

Contexts where ideas require cross-functional expertise or many resources to carry them out Such as when improvements are being devised for an entire product or when new business opportunities arise. The decentralized model The second model, in fact, is very similar to Australia WhatsApp Number Data the first. The only real difference is that there is no central management team making decisions about ideas. The responsibility falls on category managers. Category managers typically have the expertise to make decisions in their own field. So they can make those decisions faster and with greater knowledge.

Even though category managers are

Responsible for decisions, that doesn’t mean they always have to do it alone. They can have their own team of experts or simply ask their opinion quickly and easily, Since they work daily with these types of experts in the sector The role of the process manager executives is primarily to. Monitor the flow of ideas measure results and discuss Cambodia WhatsApp Number List The decentralized innovation management. To model When to use this model This model is usually applied by Companies with more Than employees But less than. When a company is that size, They usually begin to Divide. Into Business units accustomed To making decisions in this much more independent way.