In the united kingdom, for example. Of people decide to have an abortion when they. Find out that their child has this genetic disorder. Now, a highly accurate non-invasive. Test that allows identifying this condition in the early stages. Of pregnancy has sparked a debate in the united kingdom, as it could lead to. Even more abortions and, in the future. Its virtual disappearance. But there are those who. Want to prevent down syndrome from being eradicated. What is known today most. People have 23 pairs of chromosomes, but those born with down syndrome have an extra copy of chromosome 21. As a consequence, their development is. Different and they present variable. Levels of learning difficulty. It is also common for them to have. Medical complications such as hearing. Thyroid, intestinal and heart problems.

It is not a tragedy but a comedy

The world health organization estimates. That one in every babies is born with. Down syndrome worldwide. In the united kingdom Armenia Mobile Number Database there are about births per year and it is . Estimated that about people live there with this genetic disease. Until now, the united kingdom’s national health service. Offered all pregnant women tests that made it possible. To detect whether the fetus had the condition. With 85 to 90% accuracy. However. Of the results were false positives. There are other tests, such as amniocentesis or . Chorionic villus biopsy, that can accurately determine the presence of the extra copy of chromosome 21. The problem is that both studies. Are invasive, that is, a needle is used to take a sample of the. Fluid surrounding the baby or cells from the placenta.

What the test doesn’t say

This presents a risk of miscarriage. Something that not all women are willing to take. British actress and screenwriter. Sally phillips with her son olly. Sally phillips with her son olly. The new studies it is in this context that. The non-invasive UK Phone Number List prenatal blood test (nipt) raises both hope and controversy. The united kingdom announced that this test. Already available in about 100 nations around . The world, will soon be offered to all women in the country. As a second step in the monitoring process. Nipt is accurate and has no risk of miscarriage. Therefore, false positives would be avoided. And invasive tests would be substantially reduced. That sounds good to some people. British actress and screenwriter sally phillips finds. It difficult to accept that there are parents who do not . Want to have children with down syndrome.