On the Internet, and soon finds it. He outsources cloud customer service from a third-party company. The same third company has IP numbering and telephony. After months, the teleoperator is only billing x . USD month for G data – the other company .month for the SVA service. Process Summary months have passed since the idea of ​​arose until the commercial validation of the concept. In company , hours have been spent working direct expense , USD and on the teleoperator side , hours contract, technical evaluation, IT, training ,USD In ​​this case the idea has been good, it solves a real problem of the client, and commercially the price is viable. But, the teleoperator’s salesperson does not want to sell it because he earns more commissions with another service. months and more than lost.

Money is little but time is money

nowadays. So we can say that it has happened in the SVA business and is happening all over the world. SVA launch with teleoperator SVA launch with teleoperator Proposed Solution The modern way to develop successful businesses is to create a cycle of concept, development, pilot, feedback, change, very quickly, and in this way always verify the Iran Phone Number Data hypothesis of the added value proposal. Yes – it is a hypothesis until the end client verifies it and it represents real added value. The only way to truly verify it is to pay. An OTT Over The Top cycle can be a week, at most a month. It is completely impossible for a telemarketer to compete with a -month verification cycle. cycle We created a Startup incubator within the same teleoperator.

Phone Number Data

When I say a startup I mean a small

company that has an idea for a business concept, and its only objective is to validate whether the assumptions of the concept are correct or not – the faster the better. Time is money – and there are few startups. By assumptions I mean everything that is described about the New Zealand Phone Number List business concept. We list the assumptions of the previous example case that took months. They no longer call companies by phone so much, they send email, IM, webchat, etc. => Validated by the five real companies Teleoperator is interested and willing They are willing to hire a cloud customer service Validated by five real companies. They would be willing to pay.