The president of , . Manuel , has been award the. Nobel peace prize for his efforts in the peace process agre with the guerrilla. The committee has. Highlight the president’s strength. Necessary to face the “Task” of the peace process open with the oldest insurgency. In after more than years of conflict. Colombians, this award is yours. I receive it, especially, on behalf of the millions of. Victims left by this conflict that we have suffer said the. President two hours after the award was. Announc at the casa de . His official residence, accompaniby his wife. María de .

Despite the vote in the

Referendum said the. President of the committee . In relation to the rejection in plebiscite of the agreements reachbetween Japan Mobile Number Database the government. And the guerrilla has always contribut . To the end of the conflict. The electoral call, with a negative vote of . Of the voters and an abstention of was held on . We must reconcile and unite to complete this process, and begin to build a stable and lasting peace. The president in reference to the. Polarization that has been experienc in the country since the negotiations began. The division has been increasing as. The referendum campaign has develop. After the rejection at the polls the figure of former president .

Almost two hours after

The announcement was made known. the opposition leader launch a tweet in which he congratulat. the leader of for the award, but with Germany Phone Number List reservations congratulate the  prize for president , I hope it leads to changing harmful agreements.” for democracy. Rodrigo , alias , leader of the . Has anticipat the official appearance with a message on his twitter account, the official channel of the insurgency since the agreements were reject in the plebiscite. The only prize to which we aspire it is about for without without retaliation or lies . The guerrilla and five victims of the arm conflict were nominat with president for the award. Although in the end it only went to the president. The ruling announc at 11 in the morning.