Absolutely not! Whoscall is a call identification application service develop by Taiwan Gogolook Co., Ltd. Gogolook was found in Taiwan in 2012. Its main investors include South Korea’s NAVER Group, Cathay Private Equity, Digital Economy Fund, and Ziding SME Development Co., Ltd. We have been working on unfamiliar number identification technology for many years, mining and analyzing huge amounts of number data, and finding the best solution for identifying unknown calls, with the goal of creating a trustful communication environment!

Whoscall will steal my phone number


In order to provide you with more complete Whoscall functions, we will ask for some permissions from your mobile phone! However, we will explain to you the scope of application of various permissions before New Zealand Mobile Number List requesting permission. If you do not accept the relevant information collection, processing and utilization, you can stop or refuse to grant us permission at any time, but you will not be able to use the full product functions. . After obtaining your authorization, you can use the core search and unknown call identification functions. Please refer to our security page for details! In addition, due to platform restrictions, we will only ask for push permission from iOS users!

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Whoscall listens to my calls


We cannot and will never do this! We New Zealand Phone Number List will never engage in illegal behavior that would also violate our Code of Ethics.

Often can’t receive calls after installing Whoscall?
Many people have this myth! However, Whoscall will not ctively block your unknown calls ! Unless, you may have taken the following actions:
1. Block certain numbers by yourself 2. Enabl the “auto-blocking” function 3. Turn on the “Mute unknown calls” in the iOS system settings 4. Your telecom provider pretermin If you ne to turn off the “Mute Unknown Calls” function after setting up the call filtering function
, you can go to “Settings” > “Phone” > “Mute Unknown Calls” in iOS, and then turn off this setting. Of course, you can also contact your telecommunications provider directly!