initiative and long work hours from your workers, but even that is not enough. Employees need to have great cross-functional skills, understanding and knowledge or the infrastructure to acquire those skills to make those ideas a reality, something that unfortunately many employees do not have in many companies. Conclusion to finally achieve that dream, or at least get closer to it, you will need to take steps gradually and progressively, since organizational change is, inevitably, gradual . Obviously there are many ways to build innovation capabilities, and having an efficient and well-run idea management process is just one of them.

Consider for example working with

self-organized and fully autonomous groups in one of your development teams or projects. However, the models we have presented above are practical ways to get started on that path. They will help you build a culture of engagement that values ​​participation and strengthens innovation capacity. By putting it into practice, you will also effectively India WhatsApp Number Data disseminate tacit knowledge and can begin to build the capabilities that staff need to truly make innovation possible. The good thing is that you don’t need and probably shouldn’t if you haven’t done something like this before to immediately apply the process to the entire company.

Start, for example with just

one business unit as an experiment. Observe how the process works and how the staff responds. Learn and then adapt the approach, gradually expanding it when you see positive most The model consists of five elements that, results. If you found this guide useful, you can Italy WhatsApp Number List open the following link to obtain the e-book of this post, along with a power point template with editable slides of each of the processes in English . You can modify them and use them as you want.