Numerous endorsement deals. Royalties They are famous  exorbitant salaries and some forays into the. Corporate world have made multiple celebrities. In the world build fortunes that the. Rest of us rarely imagine even in their wildest dreams. The cost? A life in the spotlight that makes everything they do a matter of public. Domain, including their fortunes. This was what the wealth-x research. Form recently took advantage of to carry out a detail ranking of the. Richest celebrities in the world, considering those actors. Musicians and active professional athletes. Don’t be surpris then by the absence of big stars . Like and who, although they have amass enormous fortunes. Are currently carrying out different. Activities that are far from the criteria of this list.

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Than luxury carpets and little privacy. Many of them have found in social responsibility an excellent way. To invest their fortune Israel Mobile Number Database promoting the development. Of vulnerable communities, while others have not exactly stood out for their altruism. We tell you who makes up this list. And how they are doing in this matter. Madonna musician fortune. 910 million dollars through. The raising foundation creat together with berg in. The queen of pop dicates her efforts to helping the thousands of children. In who have been orphan as .A result of the aids epidemic. Through mical programs and ucational.


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He has also been oreganizing marches on the streets of to convince people. That a daughter is as valuable as a son. Levels reach Singapore Phone Number List peaks from which japan has not recover. The surprising story of how japan (finally) accept the existence of the depression when the victim is a middle-ag person. With latent health problems such as heart disease or diabetes, death can have several explanations. But when it comes to a young and healthy employee .– engineers, university professors or doctors – the situation is truly alarming. Among the thousands of cases there. Are two factors that stand out as culprits for the deaths: stress and lack of sleep. But can this combination kill you. Going to the office after working all night can make you feel terrible.