When he separated from his wife. Jordan found This man turned himself alone and with a young daughter. He decided that he did not want to buy another house, nor pay. Exorbitant rents for an apartment. All he wanted was to find a home again. And a airstream trailer turned out to be just what he was looking for. At that time he did not imagine that his. Story would be told in various media, tree hugger among them. “many things in my life fell apart. My ability to be optimistic about what I could. Do and what I could make happen was shattered. “then I knew I needed a project, told . This Recreational vehicle” in arrived as. If it had fallen from the sky, he bought it. For less than 4 thousand dollars and he set out to make .

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A creative person despite the challenges he said. Father and daughter live in trailer converted into a house although the exterior. Of the trailer was India Mobile Number Database  in perfect condition, the interior was another matter. All the furniture and was exactly the same as it was in the seventies: plush carpets, cream or brown walls. Armchairs and tables, the furniture was laminate, almost without personality. Jordan was patient and completely changed the interior. Of the rv to give life and color to his new house, he even made it .Sustainable in some aspects, for example, he changed the toilet for a.

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With the help of a specialist in this type of trailer. Jordan was able to resolve the gas. Issue in a safe and efficient manner. space is tight, so it took Brazil Phone Number List some ingenuity to put together shelves that fit his budget and would allow him. To conveniently accommodate his belongings. “the concept of small houses appeals to me. “it forces you to eliminate unnecessary things and. Use the space to communicate personally,” he confessed to . Every corner and space is completely used by ; the pantry also houses the refrigerator, he adapted what was the main chair. To turn it into a dining room, coffee table and a bed. For all the parts. Of the trailer also led him to get rid of a lot of clothes and other things that he considered.