Making staff have the appropriate knowledge. Therefore, this model is suitable for cases in which the volume of ideas is lower, gradual improvements occur in specific processes or simple products. The challenge is found in cases where ideas overlap or are multifunctional. It may not be obvious who the person in charge is, so you need to make sure you set clear rules for these types of cases, as the best ideas tend to be a bit cross-functional. Additionally, with this model you must ensure that category managers have the necessary resources to actually implement the ideas. The hybrid model This model is precisely a combination of the previous two. In many large companies, a company-wide process cannot be divided into different idea generation needs.

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Need for idea generation related to a product and then a company-wide development process. They are, by nature, very different and only make sense in different processes for each of the use cases. We refer to them as itineraries or “tracks” . However, when you have to implement several separate idea paths , you should also have a Canada WhatsApp Number Data dedicated process owner or management team in place to oversee the different paths. The person responsible may be a single person or a recurring board of executives representatives of the different itineraries. The role played by this group is essentially to support those responsible for making decisions in the different itineraries, to monitor their development and constantly improve their processes.

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When decision makers have difficulty making decisions, for example, if the idea overlaps with other itineraries. The hybrid innovation management model When to use this model. This model is usually applied by companies with more than employees, But its use is not limited only to that type of company It is also very useful in small Brazil WhatsApp Number List companies with various idea generation. To needs that are of a different nature. The hybrid model is equally necessary if you have a  As projects are always temporary, You need to ensure that you can establish new itineraries quickly and easily, Having common process models for those cases, Along with a support system to establish them in a matter of minutes.