Integration between service and network The integration is made between system and the teleoperator. There are many half-finished projects in the operator’s network – the integration that was supposedly very simple takes six (6) months. For it to be carried out, many meetings are needed at all levels explaining the what, how and why of this project. And what should be carried out among the 35 projects underway at the same time. After the integration, the SVA engineers begin to do their testing. There are details that we like and ask to change them. There are many details, some color changes, others about functionality. In this phase, the end client, which is the company, is not even testing it, they do not even know that there is a new service in progress.

Between tests and changes

it took us three months. Total calendar time so far 15 months. Pilot period Now is when we look for pilot clients to test the service in question. The five (5) companies that try it like it – in fact they are delighted. Some change in the service arises, something normal when a service goes into real production, which undergoes improvements. These Lebanon Phone Number Data improvements take 4 months between implementation and testing. So far 19 months have passed since came up with this great idea. Network of wires The sale begins Official product launch – 21 months after great idea. Service training is needed for all salespeople in the six main cities. The training in total takes 3 months. company eagerly trains salespeople, thinking that the service is finally coming out, and coming out in a big way.

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Between training realizes that

there are  more companies training the same salespeople for other SVA products. also realizes that by selling a data insurance system, the salesperson takes 60.00 USD for each sale, and by Mexico Phone Number List selling a data line for the company, the salesperson takes 35.00 USD for each line sold. . service is perhaps what would help the company the most to solve a real communication challenge in its company, The Service is in the operator’s portfolio, but the commercials are not pushing it.