Which we mentioned at the beginning of the article: “without business failure there is no innovation. Innovating more and better depends on effort and the ability to learn from setbacks. Because no one fails if they put their maximum talent and effort into a task. They may make mistakes, they may lose , but it never fails.” And LEGO demonstrated with real figures that they had emerged not only successful but strengthened from the crisis situation. We highlight some changes that made this new reality possible: – They dedicated their innovation capacity not only to the product. Which multiplied their growth opportunities. They had previously based their bet on tripling the number of new toys, which had skyrocketed the costs of their operations and led them to record losses.

Expanding the field of vision

In innovation management meant an effective increase in their options and they knew how to keep their eyes open and the right mindset to carry out the change. – He abandoned the idea of ​​large-scale innovation as the only option and went down in history as the sum of small innovations. Concluding that the key is the innovative efficiency that Netherlands Phone Number Data involves promoting creative space by imposing profitable limits. Only when the strategy is well defined can the results be measured. We emphasize: They valued error as a favorable tool for learning. They opted to expand their field of innovative vision and multiply their opportunities for improvement in innovation management.

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They understood and knew how

To give meaning to the maxim that dictates that the whole is more than the sum of the parts and they put their foot in history as the sum of small innovations. Span Pic 6.jpg Did they fail because they were not innovative? It is not our intention in any case to prosecute anyone, especially because to make a judgment we need to have all the objective reality Sweden Phone Number List and I doubt that anyone can do it with certainty. But, in order to give the reader a realistic vision, we believe it is important to The only thing we can decide is when and how to launch ourselves, but efficient innovation, whether we like it or not, is the only possible alternative to stay at the forefront in a globalized and rapidly changing world.