May by What are the forms and methods of payment in the Varela When issuing an electronic invoice you must know well the. To concepts use in it and learn when to apply each of them to have correct data filling. Below we explain the concepts of Payment Method and Payment Method in. The and its characteristics. Payment methods According to what the SAT indicates the payment method refers to. The moment in which the operation was settle or paid. Which can be paid in a single payment or in installments are the following methods: PUE Payment for a Single Show.

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Paying the full amount of the purchase of a good or service at the time the transaction is made. In the PUE there are only two payment method codes that you cannot use number advance. Payment application only for disbursement invoices and to be define. To correctly comply with this method you must meet the following requirements Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Note that the CFDI payment is for the total amount. Of the operation in a single cash payment Indicate that the deadline to make the full payment is until the last day of the month in which said was issue. Partial or Payment.

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You are going to receive payment for a good or service at a later date or in a manner after its acquisition. This is done at the time of issuing the electronic invoice deposit. In this Thailand WhatsApp Number List type of invoices number must be establish as the payment method: to be define so options. Arise Payment in Partialities  This option has a time limit of. Payment With this option there is a time limit of months to be able to settle the payment.