all the innovation you have done around you will lose its significance. This is something extremely important to take into account. Innovation, while necessary to survive, can also lead you to forget the very “core” of your existence and your business. Innovate, innovate, but don’t go too far until you forget who you are and why they choose you. Google office in Dublin Netflix Netflix is ​​also a good example of an innovative company, but its case is somewhat different. Founder Reed Hastings started Netflix with the idea of ​​sending CDs and DVDs by mail. That is, video rental by mail. Also it was not for a monthly subscription but rather a store type rental – movie by movie. We already know where they went by changing their business model completely – without fear of disrupting their current business model.

The goal itself or a tool to get there

Perhaps innovation as such is not a competitive advantage, but I do believe that it is a prerequisite to having a competitive advantage. And you also have to realize that there are different types of innovations. There are innovations such as a wireless mobile charger or a robotic France Phone Number Data lawnmower that are innovations that are capable of generating new companies and new businesses. There are also innovations such as a new way of selling shoes online directly from the factory. Something that is born new, next to something that already existed years ago.

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And last but not least

it could be a new way of delivering shoes to the customer in a box that also serves to store them, or a new way of changing jobs between shifts in the factory so that all employees understand the importance of the entire process. . I have also seen companies where they change the area of ​​No, it’s not a joke – and we’re also talking about a very significant company in its field of business. Innovation as a competitive advantage Without Saudi Arabia Phone Number List analyzing more details of innovation and competitive advantage of different companies, I do think that for very few companies innovation is directly a competitive advantage as such, but I am convinced that small innovations carried out continuously and in different areas business of a company, in the end it leads the company to have one or more competitive advantages.