If you are over and want to keep your self-esteem intact. Please do not take a test to measure your. Iq at the end of a full work week. The results can be disappointing. According to a study published a few months. Ago by the melbourne institute . Of applied economics and social research, in australia. If you are over years old, working more than hours. A week could affect your intelligence. Although work less too. So how hard should you work. Part time or full time researchers in australia administered directed reading and memory tests to more than 6,000 employees over the age of to see the effect of the number of working hours on the person’s cognitive ability. No more, no less: 25 hours a week are ideal for the brain.

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According to the aforementioned study hours. A week (part-time or three days a week) is the optimal. Time that should be dedicated to Oman Mobile Number Database work for cognitive functioning. While working less is harmful to the agility of the brain. Both men as well as women. «work stimulates brain activity and helps maintain cognitive functions in older people. The theory of ‘if you don’t use it, you lose it’ applies here,” says colin mckenzie, research professor. Of economics at keio university in tokyo. “However, excessive working hours can. Cause fatigue and physical or mental stress, potentially. Damaging the brain’s ability to process information,” he adds. Why is the age of 40 key? In mckenzie’s words, our “Fluid intelligence” – a term that describes how well we process information. – begins to decline around age 20, while. Crystallized intelligence,” or the ability to use skills. Knowledge and experiences, begins to decline.

Why is the age of key

According to the researcher, when they reach the age of. Most people begin to obtain relatively less good. Results in tests to measure Africa Phone Number List memory, spatial recognition and mental agility. Before , the body seems to be able to withstand all the extra hours that are asked of it. Afterwards, even regular hours are not a good idea. And since many countries have raised the. Retirement age, delaying the time when people can start receiving pensions, mckenzie’s findings on. Cognitive fatigue are important. Labor the science behind it mckenzie’s findings suggest. That although the economy is forcing us to. Work longer hours than previous generations, our minds may not . Be biologically and emotionally designed for stress or the 9-to-5, five-day-a-week work routine, when we pass the age of .