There are often times when you ne money urgently. However, there are a few things you must pay more attention to during the loan period! This is because fraud groups often take advantage of people’s panic and lack of financial and legal knowlge to pretend to be private financing companies or financial institutions to trick you into handing over your personal information! If you are not careful, you may fail to borrow money and may be regard as the head account of a fraud group, becoming an accomplice of the fraud group! so terrible!

Here we have prepar a checklist for you during the loan period, come and check ✔️ ︎ , don’t miss any of these items!

Charge various handling fees that may or may not exist

“Do you want to remit money first

When applying for a loan, you will often ne some handling fees, such as common establishment fees, handling fees, agency fees, etc. However, illegal loan operators will require payment and remittance in installments in the name of lawyers, insurance premiums, etc. When the borrower notices something unusual and wants to terminate the contract and apply for a refund, the gangster will threaten the borrower and will ask a lawyer to sue him if he does not pay a high penalty!

Some business operators will use Cambodia Phone Number List exaggerat and false advertising gimmicks to defraud, falsely claiming that they can provide borrowers with ultra-low interest rates and that they can obtain loans without providing any collateral or collateral. But is it really that good? ? After the borrower takes the bait, the fraud group will require the borrower to pay a deposit or interest, and then immiately abscond with the money after receiving the money, disappearing without a trace (the fallen leaves blow by…).

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(3) A smelly and long word game

“The contract is smelly and long, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t read it carefully, right?”

When lending, lenders usually add Cambodia Phone Number List many additional conditions, contract details, etc. into the contract to protect the rights of the lender and bind the borrower’s repayment obligations (this is normal and reasonable!). However, if the lending institution is not register with the government, or if the institution itself has bad intentions, there are likely to be many traps in these contract documents. If the borrower wants to sign any contract, he must read the contract content carefully to avoid being trapp by word games.