We have all heard a child wish out loud. Something that The 6-year-old adults who-moved-world do not dare to express. Perhaps it can be attribut to their innocence or to the fact that. Unlike adults, they have not yet learn to. Put imaginary or bureaucratic barriers between. Themselves and their desires, so they simply allow themselves to dream. When , three kings day and other. Magical celebrations arrive, different. Mythological characters look at their mailboxes full of. Notes with millions of dreams written in color ink. How many adults would dare to do. That? And how many children do you know who. Would include the president of the most powerful. Nation in the world on the list of recipients. Have never understood why some.

The other side of the world 

With the same abilities and desires. The same ethics in her work and love for his family, who would possibly make. Better films and Anhui Mobile Number List write better speeches, but he is in. A refugee camp and has no voice. – , is six years old, lives in . New , has a little sister and leads a quiet life that. Allows him to go to school. And have fun in the afternoons. After arriving safely home. A few weeks ago this little boy ask himself. The same question that . Pos to a surprisaudience after receiving an honorary in . Why are others not so lucky? -the poignant question came to. His mind when the image of hit the. Mia around the world and went viral on social mia.

A boy just five years old shaken

The dust and blood that cover his face after. Surviving another day of violence in , . So while millions of users Switzerland Phone Number List movby the photograph. Shar it on social networks, decidto. Take the problem into his hands, took pen and paper and decid. Wrote a letter address to president . Thomas school of law in . Now, he is a founding member of the second chance alliance in north. Where he helps former inmates reintegrate into society. He also works with the department of justice. Broderick. A member of . President cabinet and president of the youth advocacy group. My brother’s keeper task force, said programs like this not only give people. With backgrounds a second chance at life, but they. Help the economy because they turn those. Who were in prison into productive people. In a parallel program, the white house has turnto.