The has today been awarded the. Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of. The mechanisms of autophagy, the body’s recycling system. The word autophagy has its origins in the  language. And means “To eat oneself.” the concept emerged during the 1960s, when researchers. Observed that cells could destroy their own contents. Enclosing them in membranes and sending the resulting vesicles to the lysosome. A cellular organelle responsible for recycling, as detailed in. A statement by the institute. That awards the prize. Little was known. About this phenomenon until in the early “In a series of brilliant. Experiments” with baker’s yeast. According to . Identified the genes for autophagy.

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The institute of technology. Discoveries led to a new paradigm in. Our understanding of how the cell recycles its contents. The statement Taiwan Mobile Number Database continued. The observed that human cells used . Machinery similar to that of yeast. Since then, the scientific community. Has detected that mutations in . Autophagy genes can cause diseases. And that the autophagy process itself is involved in several disorders. Including cancer and , in addition to participating in the response to infections and adaptation to lack of food. Belgian scientist de. Duve coined the term autophagy. He won the . Nobel prize in medicine for the discovery of the lysosome two decades earlier. His team had described. A new cellular organelle that contained enzymes. That digested proteins, sugars and fats.

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Could carry large amounts of material to the lysosome. For degradation, within vesicles called autophagosomes. To a New Zealand Phone Number List paradigm in our understanding of how the cell. Recycles its contents. Cells use autophagy to obtain energy and materials quickly in case of starvation. Or stressful situations. In infections, cells also use autophagy. To eliminate invading bacteria or viruses. The mechanism also serves as. A quality control system to get rid of defective proteins or organelles. Which arise naturally with aging. “They have made our work easier. Scientists in the field in which pioneered have celebrated the. Award of their colleague. «the prize is well deserved and in addition. We must recognize the great generosity of the scientific. Community that works on autophagy with teams from around the world.