Pharmacovigilance is important for several reasons including Protect public health and patient safety avoiding. Or reducing the adverse effects of medications and other health products which can cause side effects mortality disability and additional costs to the health system. Promote the rational use of medicines and other health products guiding. Health professionals and patients on indications contraindications interactions doses modes of administration side effects precautions and warnings. of the products as well as on the measures to be taken in case of adverse events.

Contribute to the development and innovation

Of medicines and other health products providing information on the effectiveness safety and quality of the products as well as the needs and expectations of users assisting in Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data research in the development production regulation marketing and post-marketing of products. Comply with national and international standards and regulations such as those of the FDA and the EMA among others which establish the requirements and responsibilities for carrying out pharmacovigilance as well as the penalties for non-compliance with these standards and regulations.

Pharmacovigilance involves various

Stages from the collection recording analysis and communication of data on adverse events to the evaluation monitoring and taking of actions to prevent or correct professionals such Taiwan WhatsApp Number List as researchers developers producers distributors pharmacists doctors nurses among others who must collaborate with the collection registration analysis and communication of data on adverse events related to medications and other health products.