The -year-old . Has been unanimously António guterres elected as the next . Secretary general of the united nations the current head of the un, ban ki-moon, will leave office at the end of after two five-year terms. Russia’s ambassador to the un. Vitaly made the announcement to. The press this , surrounded by. Ambassadors from the other member countries. Of the security council, after they carried out their sixth informal poll, behind closed doors, of candidates. Guterres, who was united nations high commissioner for refugees until . Topped all five. Previous polls. In the sixth poll, in which the five veto-wielding. Member countries used differently colored ballots, received votes. Two “No opinion” votes and no “Discouragement” votes. Diplomats said. Said the council will meet morning to formally  Approve and recommend his candidacy to the . -member general assembly, which must give final approval.

Among the health benefits of meditation is

The strengthening of the immune system. Reducing stress, improving skills and allowing energy to flow more positively, and it can Kazakhstan Mobile Number Database help clear the mind. Integrating this practice early in children’s development. Allows them to channel their emotions and actions more responsibly. And also fosters a space for creativity and he didn’t. Actually plan to become a doctor. When he was young he wanted to be a wrestling fighter. “But my mother discouraged me, told me that I would have. To overeat and that I would finish the whole family’s food,” he recalls. The woman’s concern was genuine: her husband worked in . Carrying sacks on his back, while she washed dishes in other people’s homes.

The family’s meager income was barely

Enough to maintain the house. So focused on becoming a doctor. It was not easy to give up his fees to attend to the births of girls and it was . Predictable Mexico Phone Number List that his wife and brothers would object. “we are not comfortable financially,” says his wife . So when he told me about her decision, I was worried about how he was going to keep the house,” she says. But his father, , supported his decision wholeheartedly. he told me to keep up the good work. “That he would return to work. As a loader if necessary,” says . «true hero» now, his efforts have begun to bear fruit. With ministers and government officials highlighting his. Work and superstar describing him as a “true hero.” «I started with something small.