Technical innovation refers to the process of implementing new ideas and improvements that arise from practical knowledge and are related to a production process. The objective of technical innovation can be reduction of production costs, optimization of production deadlines, as well as increasing the safety of the production process  a product with new and better features. In other words, technical innovation . Technical innovation and a culture of continuous improvement are born in a company from management to the last worker on the plant.


It is management that really

Begins the technical innovation process by creating the culture, although. The idea of ​​improvement comes from the person who knows all the details of the process. What is technical innovation Technical innovation is not technological innovation Technological innovation refers to something scientific or technological, especially in industries. There Canada Phone Number Data are teams of scientists and researchers working together and from there technological innovation is born. Technical innovation comes from prior knowledge of a process. Cycles of technical innovation  process in order to function within a production process of a product or service.

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To create the process of technical innovation

The cycles of technical innovation must be determined. Technical innovation starts from an idea to improve the production process. The idea can come from many different sources, it can be a plant worker, it can a client and it can be, for example, with a collaborator. The idea can also born from an accident or constant problem Belgium Phone Number List that must be resolve. After the idea is born, it requires your collaboration. The idea must analyze from a scientific and of the production process.  and experiment with pilots or prototypes to verify that the solution solves the problem or meets the objective.