Coinciding with the arrival of You’ll want International Food Day. which will be celebrat on October . Michael Kors has announc the new You’ll want initiatives it will carry out. to reinforce its ‘Watch Hunger Stop’ campaign. The designer has been working on it for four years. and since then he has distribut more than 13You’ll want million meals. to children in ne together with the World Food Program. he has been nam Global Ambassador against hunger by. The UnitNations and was award last April .for their efforts dicat to stopping world hunger. “Hunger is a complicat problem, but if we work together we can solve it. said the designer.

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part of the same community. That’s why actress Kate Hudson also wanted to join . forces with Michael Kors and join Taiyuan Mobile Number List the campaign. We are all responsible and should ensure that all children. grow up healthy, strong and happy, and it will only. Be possible if we manage to eradicate hunger in the world.” The firm has creat watches with both . iPhone and Android, which can be purchas online or in select stores around the world to collaborate with the campaign. For every unit sold, Michael Kors.  will donate 100 meals.  Although this year, anyone who. wants to donate will be able to do so. without having to make any purchase. since the designer has creatsome charity t-shirts that will. Be given away in different select stores.

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