Five videos were remov from. Youtube because Youtube removes they incit sexist violence. Including the famous how to hit a woman.” in a complaint present by the audiovisual. Council of catalonia and the department of the presidency of the . They show a report on 5 videos and 10 blogs, among which . Are el del macho or la cueva del and that were report to the barcelona. Prosecutor’s office, which has already open proceings on their contents. Simultaneously, cac address the companies that host this. Sexist content to report the incident and ask them to remove it.

In response youtube took down

Google remov 3 of the 10 blogs mention. Shutterstock.Com the numbers: the content that was eliminatehad. A notable Wuhan Mobile Number List number of views, since among the 5 videos, they had a total of views. While the blogs concentrat a total of visits, the most frequent being del macho with . During the presentation of the report. The president of the , roger explain that he has confirm the existence of . Particularly objectionable, harmful and hurtful content. Which clearly violates the penal code, and which, in our opinion, are totally . Unacceptable in a society that “aspires to the absolute eradication of. Sexist violence and full equality between men and women.


In mexico last year the national survey on

The dynamics of relationships in homes, carri out by , reveal that 6 out of every 10 women in mexico are victims Saudi Arabia Phone Number List of gender violence. That is, 60 out of every 100 women over. The age of 15 have suffer some of. The various types of violence. Regarding murders, the un estimat that in mexico 7 women are murder every day, thus placing it as one of the g-20 countries.  Most dangerous for women only. After india, saudi arabia, indonesia and south africa.