Are we sure The basic cost is euros but normally it is at least double. And now Orders dont arrive by themselves because you ne to let your customers know at least that the app exists. Advertising costs money involves additional expenditure and the user base is always very difficult to reach regular customers. How can the restaurateur get the app download by those who dont even know it exists. It becomes a circle of expenses and if deliveries also increase or create greater margins. We can imagine that the final balance will always be negative.

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The delivery platform is the best solution for the short and mium term but also for the long term . A platform in fact in exchange for a commission on orders manages everything from. The order request to delivery and furthermore gives the individual Philippines TG Number Data restaurant access. To a much larger customer base. Of user searches on these platforms are given by the type of food and not by the name. Of the restaurant so the presence allows you to enter the mind the heart and above all the belly even of those who dont know the restaurant but who try it he falls in love with it.

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A benefit that could be obtain with large investments in advertising. Few reasons but simple and understandable to prefer the presence of your business in community apps rather than singlebrand expensive and not very productive apps. It has become Philippine Phone Number List a trend now and many consultants espouse phrases like Make your app and youll see you can have. If you have your own app you dont have to depend on anyone and the profits are all yours. Nowadays if you dont have an app youre not going anywhere. A friend of mine made his app and now it makes millions But its true app is the one that turns your business around.