Ask any Angel investor What do you think what is the most important thing for a new Start up. To work in the future  The most likely thing is that the Angel investor, if he has extensive experience in the field of investment. Will probably tell you that his main criteria for acquiring a company are the effectiveness of. The team and the viability of the project logically the business model. And other criteria are also required. But when an Angel investor thinks about betting on a team He refers to the  availability of the people who have founded and executed that idea. The issue of viability, however, Refers to a kind of validation that indicates that the idea can have an outlet in the market for example. First sales or clear foundations and useful objectives for the client to whom it is intended.

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Of what most people think what is valuable in a Startup today is not the idea itself  but the team. That directs it and that ultimately out are the ones who execute these ideas . The more effective the team members are The faster and better Australia Phone Number List the business will move forward. Angel looking forward What most of these investors and serial. To entrepreneurs tend to miss are networks of mentors who know how to validate and contribute valuable projects . This idea of ​​a mentor network is very interesting, since a large company that wants to innovate and expand must base its efforts on finding mentors who validate the best projects on which to invest its money.

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Between large companies and Startups should not necessarily the only business model. That must be combined it may not even be entirely necessary the interior of the company itself that. Is better to invest in the way of creating the concept of an incubator Brazil Phone Number List company, Which is capable of managing the creation of new companies from within, Thanks mostly to the contributions of ideas from all its employees and. Implementing the necessary resources that manage to materialize and consolidate the best value projects.