Comments No time to read right now? Enjoy and listen to the articlein the player below: At the beginning of its history, back in. The current giant Nike had a very different name: Blue Ribbon Sports. At that time, instead of producing its own merchandise, the company  only distributed some sneakers from the Japanese company Onitsuka Tiger — which we now know as Asics. More than half a century later . It is recognized for its extremely high quality. Its presence in the sports world and. Of course, its integration ystem between the physical world and the virtual store . The so-called omnichannel strategy . But what’s so special about Nike e-commerce? What exactly makes it so different? To summarize in a few words . We can say that the big highlight in this case. The media integration strategy adopted by the company.

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Retail strategy is a sales and marketing approach that offers customers a fully integrated shopping experience , combining the user’s Kuwait Phone Number List experience in the physical store with the resources of the mobile website, social networks and all other channels in which the company operates . The customer can shop online from a computer, a mobile device, over the phone or in a physical store, and the experience would always be similar and multifaceted. It is important to distinguish the omnichannel experience from the multichannel one. Essentially, it comes down to the depth of integration. The difference between the multichannel strategy All applications of the omnichannel strategy will use multiple channels, but not all multichannel experiences are.

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Company doesn’t have an omnichannel strategy. Multichannel is a concept adopted by most companies today. They have a website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and they use each of these platforms to engage and connect with their target audience. However, in most cases, the customer does not yet have a consistent experience that connects each of these Italy Phone Number List networks. An omnichannel tactic, on the other hand, accounts for every platform and device a person will use to interact with the company and designs the system in an integrated way. Companies that use this methodology align messages, goals, objectives and design across each medium. It is, therefore, a more elaborate strategy. After all, managing a single channel, like Facebook, already requires.