Important in our workplace especially if we have the opportunity to. Heard or even better. See how our idea or innovation moves forward in the company. Any of us as employees Understand that this type Of transparent process is about giving equal opportunities to. everyone to excel in their work they always understand this when it has been. To communicated correctly The issue communication and promotion is not a simple task. Although there are certain rules that we can follow so that we are successful in it. Now yes The issue of innovation must be taken seriously by the company’s own management. To support at all times the member in charge of communicating and promoting internal innovation, both agents must always go in the same direction.

So what should take into account

When promoting innovation: You have to know. How to explain why innovation is so important, You have to know how to communicate. In a way that motivates employees to give their best . You have to communicate by motivating, Not forcing Honor people who Philippines Phone Number Data participate often  demonstrating results. When they leave evaluation, motivating, Activating Facilitate discussion and coach ideas to mature and improve ideas Eliminate. Obstacles and foresee defeats Explain in advance why each idea does not always work, And let it be known that the fact that the idea does not work does not mean that it is bad, But that it needs more support.

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Communicate and explain the steps

Especially when the ideas come forward in the process, Explain the responsibilities of each person in the new project that is born. Compass Step Analysis, Implementation, process improvements Thailand Phone Number List Like any process, innovations must also  carry out. The good thing is that if process is well design from beginning, As filters go through until we reach implementation phase, We will be sure that  Passing all t filters means that each and every one of the areas involved has. To already had their opportunity to collaborate and that the idea has curate until everyone is eager to see it come to light.