Since The limits to which the new model subjects access. Lead to a much broader and more coordinated defense strategy as a better guarantee to satisfy the. Demands of the objective cassational interest . On May   Don Javier was recognized with the right to a retirement. Limitation on the success pension with a regulatory base of . euros per month but in the aforementioned resolution recognizing the pension the supplement of maternity pension of % of the pension under article  of the General Social Security Law despite having two children and meeting the requirements to be entitled to it.

Lawyers to act professionally

Cassation field “The cassation lawyer a procedural necessity” The adoption of a discretionary system for admitting matters before the highest jurisdictional authorities as was the model chosen by our legislator in the contentious-administrative jurisdiction thanks to Organic Law / necessarily entailed an added technical difficulty not only to the time of the preparation. Limitation on the success of the preparation and filing documents Whatsapp Number List but also in the procedural defense strategy. And the traditional scheme of action in which the matters were assumed by the lawyer responsible for raising the cassation once the resolution susceptible to such appeal was issued now becomes an important.

A resolution is issued recognizing

Receive the maternity supplement of of the pension with the effective date of May. With the increase in the revaluations that correspond to the aforementioned pension and the corresponding interests. Submit the application for the maternity supplement to the provincial Directorate of the National Social Security Institute. Subsequently against the CG  Leads denial due to administrative silence of the pension supplement present a prior claim. And finally not receiving any response file a lawsuit with the labor court.