Streamlined contact information: BIG Contacts keeps your contact info, tasks, and calendars in one place. It enables you to stay organized as your team schedules meetings with contacts. Documentation organization: If you take notes, add files, or track emails, BIG Contacts is the perfect solution for you. It does all these tasks within the software, enabling your team to stay organized. Social media integration: BIG Contacts takes your contact profiles a step further by integrating social media profiles with your BIG Contact contacts. You can track prospects’ social media activity to help you make that final pitch to turn them into a sale.

Custom Data Fields

Want to refine tracking to data that matters  Job Function Email List most to your business? BIG Contacts enables you to create custom data fields to accomplish this task. BIG Contacts is a great contact management system for businesses that want to enrich their contact profiles and do more with their contact data. 11. Begin Prices starting at: $7+ per user per month (free plan available) Looking for a simple contact management tool? Check out Begin. Begin is a contact management platform that provides additional support, like sales optimization and customer onboarding, to help you close more deals. Homepage for Begin Here’s what you get with Begin.

Tailored CRM Set Up

Begin provides the option to tailor  CG Leads your CRM to fit your business. They offer templates for different industries to help you get started, or you can start from scratch and build the CRM how you want it. 360-degree customer view: Want a full overview of your contact profiles? Bigin provides a comprehensive breakdown of how contacts interact with your business. It helps you better understand your contacts, so that you deliver more relevant materials to them. Built-in integrations: Begin makes it easy for you to connect all your systems. It also can paid up with over 5000 apps through Zo ho and Zap.