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Remember that all the analyzes you are intereste in can be considere in the time frame of your choice. Have you launche a new product and want to see how it was receive at the start? Or do you want to check how your campaign went? Set the appropriate period in the calendar to see statistics for only the days you are intereste in. What’s more, if you use advance filters in the Analysis section , you will get detaile data on the information you have narrowe down: mentions only, use the sentiment filter. Are you intereste in the differences between male and female posts? Filter by author gender. You have several products and nee statistics on one of them? Filter its name If you want to have an insight into the mentions of the most influential authors.

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The influence score filter. Nee statistics from blogs only? Use the category filter. These are just some of the filters that will allow you to discover more detaile information crucial to your business. Why is it worth analyzing data from meia monitoring? – benefits Insight into the analysis of data collecte thanks to monitoring will help you perform 3 key tasks: You will phone number list evaluate what works and adjust your communication strategy and work scheule to improve results. You will determine which content, social platforms and users should be prioritize in your activities. You will evaluate the effectiveness and value of your marketing strategy. Let’s review the different types of metrics Brand24 offers to help you grow your business.

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Places where people talk about you mentions from both social meia and other online services. By analyzing the Results by category, you will see if CG Leads people mark your brand most often in photos, industry websites, or maybe Facebook dominates. In CG into general categories of the searche websites, you will also receive a list of the most active pages on were discusse (with information about the number of entries that appeare on them) and a list of the most influential pages (estimate on the basis of the number of registere visits there.

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