Require that all members of the company possess and develop competencies and skills of cooperation, flexibility, communication and innovation. But why? Because society has changed and with it the roles to create new paths for development. Flexible group of employees Likewise, with the use of the Internet, new technologies and Big data, access to any flow of data provided by consumers is accessible and immediate for competing companies, so that the privilege of exclusivity in the reports are scarce, and much more so, as time progresses. Given these conditions, the argument of managing innovation effectively as a revenue and business survival strategy for companies in the future makes more sense than ever.

The argument of managing innovation

Effectively as a revenue and business survival strategy for companies in the future makes more sense than ever. Innovation and crisis Currently, the increase in confrontations in processes to safeguard intellectual property rights IPR in companies is an example of how the market grows and transforms. The vision of managing new ideas Thailand Phone Number Data well and patenting them to generate income in the future becomes more relevant as a success factor for a business worldwide. Only those companies that are able to properly use intellectual property rights IPR today, as part of their business strategy, will be able to grow and will likely be the companies that prosper tomorrow. That is, companies that innovate and generate better ideas and protect them will be the winning companies of tomorrow.

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This trend does not surprise the media

Who claim that today, in the business world, whoever has a patent has a treasure. One only has to look at the confrontations that have taken place in recent days between large companies like Google and Microsoft. According to the newspaper ABC ,and a smart way to generate new income “The exclusivity to exploit an invention. This means UAE Phone Number List that the patent holder can prevent his competitors from using it” This confirms that in times of crisis, the companies that best protect and manage their currently active ideas and assets will survive in the future. The key That said, I don’t want to say that everything is already clear, not at all, there is still a long way to go.