What is “free to play” exactly? Literally “free to play”, the “F2P” (commonly usd abbreviation), corresponds to an online game where the user can access the game for free. Unlike “pay to play” which refers to games with paid access. Free online games are financd either by advertising or by a system of purchasing virtual goods (objects or currency). Monetization on mobile therefore seems to be an opportunity to seize! The most important thing is to know “how” to advertise there and especially how to build an engaging user experience. Below are 5 tips to help you build a user-friendly and engaging experience for your mobile advertising.

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Diversify your ad formats Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by opting for a single ad format! The variety of ads, whether video or display, helps to energize your message and not tire your target. Be aware that engagement for database each ad type may vary across different user segments. Stand by and watch the performance with the click rate and adjust the shot accordingly. Find the best investments Before you jump headlong into your ads and do thousands of trials to see what works, ask yourself where your ad can be insertd to create new or improvd experiences.


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Start by identifying screens that take users from one application loop to another. These steps are more conducive for positive engagement CG Leads ads. Here are some basic principles to follow: Interstices : These are the areas that help bridge the user’s attention in downtime. You’ll usually find them in pause menus, loading pages, and other natural pauses. It is important to place them where the user will not be surprisd by an advertisement. Banners : avoid placing banners near interface elements, buttons or elements allowing any action in the application.