To change the system for managing ideas On the other hand you will need the system to. Transparent and to offer all users the progress of proposals and innovations. It is clear that not all new ideas will successful in fact most die as soon as they are born. But it is a natural part of the process. The important thing is that those who continue and those who have support from. The entire organization, continue forward and are given more value as they participate in them. Either to execute them or to validate their effectiveness until they are implemented. It is very important that the process is something that everyone can easily observe.

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Technology or with the more traditional way that many companies continue to use. Example: ideas mailbox or with a central email for new ideas. Internal promotion Step – The blessed Internal Promotion What’s the point of designing a successful process or product if no Kuwait Phone Number Data one knows it exists? The work of internal promotion is very similar to the work of Social Media Marketing. You have to attract attention, You have to be in several places and several times so that your clients realize that you exist. In this case, your customers would be your employees. Each person’s creativity is the limit for communication to work, The important thing is that there is at least one person dedicated to managing ideas, Or promoting the arrival of new ideas.

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Recently speaking with an

Innovation professor in Spain, he told me that: “The real problem of companies today did not lie precisely in the systems to manage ideas and innovation, but rather the main handicap they showed was the lack of promotion. “What is done about the management of a Turkey Phone Number List company’s innovation Especially in large companies. With between and Employees Where approximately between and ideas.Are achieved in innovation initiatives  I don’t think it’s a culture issue or that. Employees are not interested in proposing improvements that have to do with their work.