Positioning and social mia After having done all this hard work lets not forget that our ecommerce must also have a good organic ranking on Google and at the beginning you can also help yourself by activating AdWords PPC campaigns . Advertising on Facebook is also of some importance even if it is not target at the single offer it will certainly help to grow your brand awareness . Then decide which social network you want to be present on Instagram Pinterest Twitter. Remember that each social channel was creat with different purposes and nes it is therefore not necessary for you to be present on every platform it is better that your presence is well studi from a content point of view.

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Last but not least it is also useful to do remarketing that is to reconnect with users who have already visit your site. Evaluate presence on marketplaces. The marketplace brings together many independent emerchants and in some cases also products Egypt TG Number Data belonging to different product categories. In general however the portal does not directly manage transactions and the marketplace is essentially a manager it has the power to enable the buying and selling mechanism but does not act on it. So is it better or not better to also be present on a marketplace.

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First of all it is not synonymous with guarante sales but it will undoubtly help you position yourself on the market at least at the beginning of your online business. However you will have very close competition so this could harm you. Complete the offline Italy Phone Number List experience and build user loyalty It is unlikely that the user will buy on your site before getting to having also seen other products display in your shop. For this reason the two shops one must be connect and made to interact with each other in order not to deprive the consumer of one choice or another.