In short it is necessary to keep in mind that you are offering an experience to the customer an emotion and clearly the more authentic and transformative the emotion is the happier the customer is and with a good chance of loyalty. S e Ins ta g r am home of storytelling want to introduce something new it could only be additional content that unites not only the business posts but also that of customers and friends who talk about them. An extra weapon to create a real community. How to make the most of this innovation and how to integrate it into the P digital itorial plan Here are simple points.

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Create a product showcase In fact one of the possibilities is to collect different products for sale in a single container as for a shopkeeper. And to organize them by brand or type a sort of virtual inventory.  Brand and corporate storytelling Instagram has Italy TG Number Data become a very effective means of corporate storytelling . With the Guides the possibilities of telling the reality behind the brand and its history increase. A potential use is to collect the posts publish by all those who care about the company not only the employees but also the customers thus fully describing all the aspects behind the company.

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With content creators and influencers

Alternatively guides can be creat that mimic the About us and in order to also offer the entire history of the company on a smart and highly visit platform such as Instagram. Collaborate with content creators and influencers Guides offer new opportunities Italy WhatsApp Number List to collaborate improving the integration between content and sponsorships . For example if your influencer marketing campaign for a product involves multiple creators you have  posts in one place with the advantage of showing the product from different points of view. followers how they use the product and why they recommend it. In case of sponsorship for a service such as hotels or restaurants they can use.