Is not a project that starts from scratch, but rather goes through several filters and all the areas involved, Where they have already been able to include their feedback and the. To possibility of its implementation has been discussed, At least in general terms. implementation. The process of creating valuable projects must be prepared and followed continuously. Extremely important that the idea is carried out perfectly, short time perhaps there are more details to improve, However if it is a process. That already takes a long time Perhaps it is almost ready.

What is certain is that no innovation

Management process is perfect from the moment it germinates. If you want to know more about Success Stories , Here are some of the ideas that have come from very traditional companies And that thanks to the initiatives of the employees, Now generate and save Switzerland Phone Number Data millions of euros for those companies Example Building maintenance company. New product that measures the fill level of containers every day and sends the data to the control center. Software automatically calculates the best route for garbage cars emptying bins. The company. To saves hundreds of thousands of euros annually. Example In a typical game company, the kind played in bars and game rooms, The maintenance workers always moved in groups of two people.

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machine spent on average two weeks a year in maintenance – the company lost a lot of money. Due to improvements proposed in the process by a maintenance employee, now Taiwan Phone Number List each machine does not spend otherwise the work so far would have been in vain. Analysis is also an integral part of any innovation process. It is important to observe and analyze if the process takes a even two days in maintenance. Nobody lost their job! If you want to be part of this list, you can start by first clicking here.