We ne understand Creating an ecommerce is not the same as creating any website because ecommerce reflects your company and the sale of your products. Precisely for this reason there is usually a large amount of work behind ecommerce and undoubtly requires an initial marketing strategy an indepth sector analysis a careful choice of the platform to use selective but at the same time exhaustive of the contents . Especially we must not forget about the analysis of the results . So lets prepare to have a lot of time available and skills to spend In Italy the future of ecommerce is very rosy in the overall turnover was billion euros. Then in mobile commerce increas by.

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In however Italian ecommerce brought in around. Billion euros more than the previous year generating a increase in the overall value of online purchases according to the Netcom Politecnico di Milano BC eCommerce Observatory. The greatest Brazil TG Number Data progress was made in the field of clothing information technology electronics publishing and tourism . Clear synonym of the increasingly evident trend towards online purchasing even from mobile devices. But what are the fundamental steps you will have to follow before throwing yourself headlong into this venture Competitor analysis the competitive market.

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To a get an idea of how the reference market in is manag b understand what our strengths are and consequently invest more energy in promoting them. Therefore performing competitor benchmarking can be useful for learning from your competitors Brazil WhatsApp Number List but also for knowing how to overcome them and stand out from the crowd. Like any selfrespecting marketing strategy you will also have to define your objectives and the results you want to pursue. Define the strategy Understanding the target audience is not always so easy and immiate you avoid in the future making mistakes that penalize your investment. Once you have establish your USP i.e. the peculiarity the sales argument behind your product.