This is the rubbish of the day, but it is not like that, keep in mind that the idea of ​​investing in your own team that has already been created is not entirely fictitious , much less economically unfeasible . Let’s think about the advantages of being a large company, that grows from within, without the need to have any dance partner. Let’s think like an Angel investor. The most important thing that a startup must offer, the most difficult part, one of the most difficult criteria that it must guarantee is that of creating the best team, a team that is competent and motivated in what it does . Therefore , if we are a large company , we have almost achieved the most valuable requirement . Yes, you read correctly, I said almost, because the next thing , if you want rapid growth, is to look for validity.

Who better than the employees

of a large company to validate new ideas?… We tell you how, today, there are new alternatives for managing innovation in companies, there are new systems that help Canada Phone Number List create environments of Innovation Management. Today, there are new alternatives for managing innovation in companies. These types of solutions collect information on new proposals or ideas expressed by the company’s own employees, store them, and display them in a single application in an organized and systematized manner. In short, all members of the company can access to create contributions, solve proposed improvements, create new valuable projects, or simply see the projects that are becoming more solid in the company, to bet on them and volunteer.

to carry out Well up to this point

you are already thinking like an Angel investor, if you also already have a large company , you yourself should know that to start trying new ideas , the real investment should not be excessively high – Also this type of investments , should not represent an obstacle if Large companies already have the money and equipment necessary Belgium Phone Number List to carry out great innovations. Invest in your team Nowadays, for the best companies, investing in talent and knowledge is no mystery, you only have to take a look at the internet to realize that like most things in life, cheap is expensive, and not investing in talent is often more expensive since ignorance does not add value and is risky.