He told me that as of today, there was still no type of efficient automation system for the processes of managing new ideas in his company, and that as a general rule, whoever has a new idea , tell your superior and the most you can take is a pat on your back. And I wonder, what are companies waiting for? A darkly conscious horizon Ignorance Part of this paradox is due to ignorance of innovation. This modern concept, which opens a repertoire of what the philosopher Edmund Husserl would call; “A darkly conscious horizon.” With this, I mean that, although most companies know the benefit of the final results, there is still a distorted image when making the decision to invest in the management of new ideas.

This is due to lack of knowledge

Regarding the implementation of the process, the technological resources that can be used and the long time it represents to receive the results. Furthermore, most companies are in a process, in which to modernize requires knowledge, time UK Phone Number List and effort, so to achieve this objective it is necessary to have comparative studies and case studies. success so that they definitively commit to implementing new management instruments to improve innovation processes and generate new income. So, what does it take for a company to compete in the market of the future? Basically good management of your ideas.

Don’t trust innovation to the

Experts Contrary to what most people and managers of large companies think, there is empirical evidence and studies. Magnusson, Matt Hing and and Archer ; who have shown that experienced people in a company in relation to problem solving or generating new ideas are generally the ones who obtain the worst results, however, people who do not haveĀ Cambodia Phone Number List adequate experience i.e. that is, beginners, are what usually generate the best, most innovative ideas that enable the company to generate new income. People who do not have adequate experience are what usually generate the best, Therefore, having all members of a company to achieve the best substantial results that generate income and the application of patterns in the management of these ideas is an effective method to generate the best viable business models and generate income.