Belgian city The company however has understood that a phenomenon becomes viral not only thanks to a creative idea but it is necessary to go further and investigate the profound reasons that push people to share images or videos with friends. Diesel has therefore creat a particular project a real recruiting operation all those who are doing something particularly stupid will be able to be part of the video clip. Not only that their cause will be cit in the catalog of the new collection complete with web references including social networks and images of their business. As for events Diesel also organiz a stupidity tour which also includ guerrilla marketing actions.

The Coca Cola and Mentos

Finally a book was recently publish the author of which is the founder of Diesel Renzo Rosso. It is an autobiography but with many references to the wellknown campaign which teaches to act in life with more instinct and less reason. Coca Cola Mentos Germany TG Number Data case is particularly extreme because not only was it distribut by consumers but it was born from them. The viral phenomenon in fact start from two guys including the American Steve Spangler. The two resum their experiment in which they trigger a physical reaction with the combination of light Coca Cola and Mentos sweets.

Telegram Data

The phenomenon is also mention

The effect is surprising and suggestive so much so that the video begins to circulate on the Internet without limits. Numerous young people repeat the experiment and outside the web in television programs and in newspapers especially Germany Phone Number List following the attempt to enter the Guinness Book of Records. On Ladeuze square in the center of the students gather on Wnesday afternoon to try to break a very special world record creating the largest number of soda fountains with Mentos tablets insert into carbonat drink bottles like Coca Cola Light or Diet Coke.