The exhibition a real explosion in the square organiz for charity was perfectly successful and also guarante a place in the Guinness Book of Records for their initiative also thanks to the support of Perfetti Van Melle the company that produces Mentos. The result produc by this campaign born from below was very significant. While Coca Cola initially decid to report the two boys for damaging the products image it later withdrew the charges. On the contrary in the US market where the candy brand did not enjoy great recognition. In short it is a particular case of viral marketing start from a usergenerat video.

The hotel loses notoriety

Managing a hotel in the best possible way is essential especially to secure new and old customers year after year. However it is not enough to be a good entrepreneur nowadays so it becomes essential to turn to marketing consultants to maintain a India TG Number Data communication thread that is always connect with probable customers. In particular it is important for a hotelier to understand that advertising and the good name of a hotel travel mainly through social networks and word of mouth or buzz from users. In this regard in recent years it has become very important to build a good tourism web marketing strategy that can guarantee good advertising and good holiday sales.

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Marketing as a driver of tourism

But lets look at them in detail. Web Marketing Today it is fundamental to be able to build a functioning and welloil strategy also because the success of a hotel can happen rather quickly in the tourism sector and it would be better to avoid the mechanism India WhatsApp Number List suffering problems otherwise and consequently it also loses customers. Therefore it is essential to possess three qualities that can be the cornerstones of successful tourism marketing professionalism problems and positivity. Professionalism is obviously the basic component that can never be missing especially because the hotel must inspire correctness efficiency and seriousness towards holidaymakers.