Enjoy and listen to the article in the player belowcertification . Also called (Payment Card IndustryData Security Standard) . Is a data security standard for the credit card and related industries. There are other certifications. But PCI is one of the most notable . Which can be explained by its ability to generate more security for virtual purchases . Although it is not a legal requirement  It is that all companies that operate online and process payments, as well as store and transmit card data, have this certification. It is a requirement of the main credit card brands to guarantee data security and bring more quality to processing, in other words, anyone who wants to sell online needs to go after it and thus guarantee compliance with standards in a less bureaucratic and more efficient.

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Then check out our article!Unfortunately, data breaches are something we need to with, especially when it comes to card thefts. According to a study by the company specializing in technology PSafe, from January to August there were more than , frauds Senegal Phone Number List involving the use of credit cards on the internet. As every system has weaknesses, criminals use their expertise to exploit these loopholes and thus commit fraud. When this happens, the question arises as to who is legally responsible and how the losses can be mitigated. When stealing card data, for example, it is essential to have mechanisms that prevent the leakage of secret information. This is why certification is so important, as it brings together the necessary elements to ensure greater security for online.

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Lawsuits, financial losses and even the closure of your store because you can’t afford the losses are some examples of what can happen if you neglect this Mexico Phone Number List point. Therefore, investing in certification is not just about bringing more security to customers, but also to your business as a whole. Since it’s impossible to eliminate risks, the best way to do so is to find solid ways to minimize them. This sum of factors will positively influence and make managing your business uncomplicated, as security is one of the points that most concern e-commerce owners. Transmits more The online consumer highly values ​​the quality of the experience and the security factor is one of the most important. By providing this for him, your website gains points and becomes.