Comments No time to read right now? Enjoy and listenĀ  consumer behavior to the article in the player below: Anyone looking for more information about Big Data or already working with this type of technology, at one time or another. Will find something about the predictive analysis case atĀ  large retail chain in the United States. This is because, through statistical operations on consumer behavior . She became famous for being able to find out about a teenager’s pregnancy even before the young woman’s father. Based on an article published by Charles Duhigg in the New York Times . With contributions from Andrew Pole . A data scientist at Target . It was possible to draw a overview of how the American giant uses the information obtained about its customers to support its actions. These.

Although this is an unusual episode of the power

Data analysis . It is possible to learn important lessons on how to apply this strategy in practice in e-commerce. is the most curious Panama Phone Number List question in the case and exposes how data can be transformed into information and help -making in business. Let’s look at the facts: first . The company ran a campaign in which customers informed the store when they were pregnant and estimated the birth of their babies. With this information in hand . Target began to analyze the purchasing habits of these customers and . Among other things, that pregnant women began to buy creams and colognes with fragrances, or even without scent, as well as supplements rich in magnesium . Calcium and zinc. It is estimated that the company’s algorithm monitored.

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After a while, with a large flow of information

Acquired . It was noticed that this pattern was frequent and it was possible to know who the pregnant customers were, even when they did not inform the company. In this Lebanon Phone Number List way, Target started sending campaigns aimed at future mothers: discount coupons on diapers, cribs, wipes, among other things. The most important part of this strategy was anticipation. Once the children were born and this was public information, new mothers were by campaigns from different stores wanting to attract this new consumer segment. Target, therefore . Wanted to get ahead of all the competition and act even before this information was known. It was through one of these promotions that the father of a teenager became upset because he thought.