Comments No time to read ones and prepare right now? Enjoy and listen to the article in the player below: Since the online shopping system , it has been to adapt to the reality and of consumers. Those who want to remain strong in commerce, therefore, to pay attention to new developments that are coming to simplify and enhance transactions. Are you already up to date with e-commerce trends? We live in times where the quality of the user’s shopping experience has become increasingly important. People want, above all, facilities and differentiation. Furthermore, with the expansion of millennials and generation Z in this consumer market, the way of selling to become increasingly with artificial intelligence . After all, the focus should be on pleasing these profiles.

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Online stores! The e-commerce panorama in Before pointing to the future, we to understand the current situation of e-commerce. How has it grown in recent years? According to a survey out by Nielsen, the sector was already showing strong growth in , earning Philippines Phone Number List more than billion reais in the period and expanding % to It took just one semester in for the same percentage to beĀ  another % growth in revenue, demonstrating the still latent potential and the public’s increasing demand for this retail model. One of the most interesting points in this research is that % of the public , almost a fifth of the total, said they made their first online purchase this year.

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Consolidation in the area, in which captive consumers the frequency and value of their purchases, while a new constant audience was . Those who have been investing in online commerce have many reasons to celebrate. Expectations for and Singapore Phone Number List beyond The most profitable period of the year has not yet , and there are already many expectations for the next one among e-commerce managers. Research points to some significant data: could be the year that global online commerce finally breaks the % barrier: of total retail purchases, the majority of them will be made online via store websites and apps; the average growth in revenue above double digits should be for the coming years, with no sign of this expansion slowing down; more than a quarter of the Brazilian population will shop online.