Comments One of the most frequent questions by e-commerce managers is regarding shipping calculations. This is because there are several options to be to the customer: flat shipping, free, by region, with a discount. By subscription, among others. So, in the following content. We will talk about what shipping is, how it is and the main types available on the market. We will also focus more on the strategies that should be to offer (or not) free shipping. Did you like it? Continue reading and check it out! Find out what shipping is and how the rate is Freight is nothing more than the transportation of cargo. In the case of e-commerce shipping. This is the cost from removing the merchandise from your stock to delivering it to the customer’s address. Therefore. There is no such thing as free shippingt will always cost you.

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The customer, by the company or, in different proportions, by both. When transportation is out by the Post Office, the best Malaysia Phone Number List strategy is to sign a contract with the company. This way, you can get discounts depending on the monthly shipping volume, which  the expenses . In this alternative, the calculation is done in two ways: charging by physical weight or by cubic weight. For orders weighing less than kg, only the physical weight is taken into account, while for orders that this value, the cubic weight must be and which one is larger must be for billing purposes. To obtain the cubic weight of a product at the Post Office, you to calculate it on the correct dimensionsIt is important that, for this calculation.

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Turn, represents the coefficient of the relationship between weight and volume most appropriate for aircraft cubage, in accordance with the Saudi Arabia Phone Number List recommendations of IATA (International Air Transport Association). The Correios option is also valid in the case of e-commerces that tend to sell in very remote regions, where carriers do not go, or even outside the country. Consider the carrier option for e-commerce One of the problems in relation to contracting freight with the Post Office is that the company has limitations regarding the weight and size of the goods. An alternative to this type of logistics is the carrier, which can absorb items that do not fit into the sizes by the state-company. Remember that shipping includes round trip Another point.