In a moment you will see for yourself that it is not as difficult as you initially thought. Go to Google Tag Manager, if you have several containers set up, find the right one that is in the source code of the website – the one on which you want to measure events Click “New” to create a new tag Give the tag such a name that every new person to whom you give access to the GTM account will immiately know a) what the given tag is responsible for and b) where it transfers the data.

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Then click on the tag configuration window Select “Google Analytics GA event” from the drop-down list Then fill in the following information Configuration tag () – ID of your data stream Event name () – what you enter here will be seen on the GA account as the name of the event. There is freom here as to the language or terminology – as long as you, your associates and possibly your marketing agency have clear information about what a given database event is. In the simplest version of the event configuration, you do not ne to complete the parameters. Proce to setting the tag trigger rule. Useful tip If you have several e-mail addresses on your website.


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Office distribution etc you don’t have to set separate tags for each address. You can then configure the tag like this Setting the {{Click Text}} variable as the name of the to GA about the text thatwas encod after clicking on the link ( <a href> in the code) fragment of the source code containing “mailto”.Important! If you don’t have <a href> in your code, the above tagging instruction won’t work for you. Ask your programmer or your marketing agency to CG Leads add a href. The same applies to clicks on the phone number – they must also be link.