For more details on the program, visit the NWX website ! With regard to Powertrafic’s participation, save this date: Thursday June 25 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 106. What awaits you: a tailor-made workshop where several experts will examine the following question : web of attention? End the deception! “ Gone are the days when it was enough to simply disseminate information, we are now facing a digital revolution where scarce resources equal attention. “In an information-rich world, the abundance of information leads to the scarcity of another resource: the scarcity becomes what is consumd by the information.

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What information consumes is quite obvious: it is the attention of its recipients.” according to Herbert Simon, the great American Latest Mailing Database economist. In the attention economy , content is more than ever king ! It is no longer enough to have a commercial speech to promote its products but it has become essential to immerse oneself in the user experience to adapt to its expectations. The creation of relevant content is therefore the key to maintaining the attention of its Internet users.

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The Same Time Strive For A Higher Purpose

This workshop therefore proposes, through the cross-examination of experts, to take stock of what constitutes the creation of relevant CG Leads content on the web. Powertrafic will be there and hope that you will join us to share this moment of “words from the pros”. But since we don’t have a big head at the Summer Festival, you too are super important players! Your interventions in the debate are obviously welcome! Everyone has their say and the goal is to SHARE!Marketers, you will probably be delightd by this new one. Producd with TNS Infratest, Google provides the general public with a nugget of statistical analyses: the Consumer Barometer.