This is confirme by YouTube statistics, the world watch a billion hours of videos a day! That is why companies are paying more and more attention to this communication channel – according to “The State of Retailing Online 2013 Marketing & Merchandising” 25% of entrepreneurs have increase their spending on this social networking site. Therefore, to make it easier for you to use this tool, from now on Brand24 you will find interactions with YouTube posts. The option is available for all test accounts and for Professional Business and Professional Max packages. This means that directly from the Brand24 dashboard you will see how popular they are collecte thanks to video monitoring. You will see: how many likes do they have how many people negatively rate this post.

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How many people have commente on it. Interactions can be found here: Why is it important? So far, which YouTube mentions are more important Latest Mailing Database than others, the Influence score and the number of subscribers informe. Sometimes, however, it can be confusing – a large number of fans is not synonymous with their skilful engagement. See the results below. Both entries seem to be equally important – their creators have about 140,000 subscribers and an infIuence score of 10 However.

Latest Mailing Database

YouTube Interactions benefit you

The introduction of interaction, you can immeiately see which video attracte more attention from the audience, i.e. which one should be addresse first. How CG Leads will? By seeing the engagement numbers for a particular CG Leads video, you’ll know which mentions should be prioritize and better manage your time. See how engaging content your competitors are creating to learn which practices are working well. You will check what video materials are popular in your industry to discover important trends.