Have been looking for Podcast Influencer ways to get closer to their audiences and create lasting and valuable relationships. One of the ways that has gained the most space in recent times is called Influencer Marketing, which is based on hiring digital influencers to promote a product or service through their follower base. But is this strategy worth it for e-commerce? To better this and discuss the possibilities of this strategy. In this we talk about Influencer Marketing with Gustavo Souza, Media specialist at Tray Corp, and Aline Tavares, Content Analyst at Tray Corp. The Future of E-commerce . Tray Corp’s podcast, features discussions with experts in the e-commerce market, with the aim of understanding the trends and changes in this ecosystem and providing tips on how solves.

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Moment. This is, without a doubt, the purpose of each product. Therefore, this is how you need to work with clothes , shoes auto parts or. Any other merchandise you want to sell: as an idea, a solution, not a simple piece of iron or cloth. It is essential that you Cayman Islands Phone Number List work on strategies, create content , engage the public, in short. You need to leave your comfort zone and seek out the consumer. Your e-commerce is not a simple online store When you set up an e-commerce, it’s like a little shop at the back of a gallery in your neighborhood, meaning no one enters. If you sit around waiting for Analytics to finally indicate millions in purchases, it’s quite likely that your e-commerce won’t last a month. Therefore, it is necessary to plancreate campaigns, attract customers There is a golden rule for e-commerce: the greater.

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The greater the chances of selling more. Therefore, a fundamental objective is to increase traffic to your virtual commerce. The most efficient way to Hong-Kong Phone Number List promote an e-commerce is by investing in marketing . A tip: it is when planning your e-commerce that you will study everything about the persona , that is, about the consumer of the business you are setting up. After all, if you don’t know your target audience, who are you advertising for ? This is the big mistake that causes many ads to end up attracting curious clicks, those that do not generate results for the business, and this the essential principle of well-done marketing, that is, the one that states that the  these fundamental tools to put your e-commerce strategic planning into practice! Mission, vision and values.